Comments from our past ?Sleep around in Kingston? winner: –

Dear Holly, Nigel, Tessa, Gary, Cindy and Staff of Tango:

It is with much thanks and appreciation for the generous hospitality of Historic Inns Kingston.? I have not won anything other than a Football Pool?and that was 20 years ago and I bought a dishwasher with my $500.00 winnings.

This was certainly better than a dishwasher!

My parents took my sister and I to Kingston many times as children?and then I started taking my two boys as well but I forgot how beautiful Kingston really is even in the winter.? I wanted so much for my son and his wife to be able to enjoy this prize?but circumstances as they were it just could not be arranged.

Mici and I have been friends for seventeen years and this was just perfect for our friendship.? How excited we were driving to our first stop at Green Woods Inn to meet Nigel and Tessa, the “host/hostess with the mostess.”?I think that is how you spell mostess!? Obviously, spell check does not agree. Beautiful people indeed and enjoyed the Prosecco.

Out for the evening at Tango.? I’m sure we were the oldest people in the place (66 both of us) who cares, we had a blast.? Great and helpful waitress with a deep dark voice that was so ?nice to listen to.? Thanks for putting up with my crazy son and daughter-in-law who sent us drinks to the table but did not pay the balance of the bill – lol

The next day to Rosemount Inn who graciously allowed us to check in early and just lounge and enjoy the gentle atmosphere. Gary was so attentive and kind explaining everything in detail.? Off to the downtown to spent some money.

We experienced the hospitality of Atomica, on the recommendation of?staff at General Brocks Commissary and a great recommendation it was.??We enjoyed?Chez Piggy and Chien Noir all in one weekend, can you believe it.

We enjoye the great chocolate also from Commissary and even bought more “stuff.”?? We took home more chocolate,?jams and jelly, pickled green beans and?pickled carrots along with great oil and Balsamic vinegar from Kingston Olive Oil Company?to?be enjoyed at a family dinner this coming weekend.

Thank you, we will return in the spring to do it all over again.? Barbara M

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